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Mike's photo adventure weblog: April 2005

Saturday, April 23, 2005


So last year I saw a bunch of guys outside the Geography building walking along and balancing on a line, and I thought "what a bunch of wacky hippies". But after getting hooked on slacklining in September at the VOC's longhike, I got my own. A few days ago it was a sunny day and Sam and his roommate Charles happened to be out with their lines when I went down with Colleen to set up my own. We had a good ol' slackline party. Guest appearances were made by Jordan, Jessica, Tiffany + John, Jessie, and Dani among others. The photos are all of Sam, and there's also a movie. Sam makes this looks so EASY.

If this looks like fun, you may want to get your own slackline. To set yourself up, it's super easy: go to MEC, buy a big sling, 3 caribiners, 15m of 1" webbing. Setting the line up is a matter of preference, with many different approaches that you can look up online.

Oh, and exams are almost over! While studying in Koerner Library I found an excellent mathetical proof relating to studying.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Squamish climbing

We (Jordan, Janet, Jessie, Boris and I) headed up to Squamish on the weekend before exams started for a little bit of climbing. We were supposed to meet Ryan, Stuart, and Kristen, but they weren't in the parking lot. We were already 45 minutes late so we figured they weren't coming when we didn't see them - but as we were leaving to climb, Stuart hopped out of a stranger's car. His ride, Ryan, wasn't there after 30 minutes, so he hitch-hiked up to Squamish to climb. Stuart is also British. Seeing as how hitch-hiking, speaking with an English accent, and rock climbing are 3 things I aspire to do more often, Stu is my hero. Here are the photos. Boris felt sick and slept on the bouldering mat much of the day, while Stuart had no excuse for sleeping in the car.

P.S. The JapaniBook went back to Mudaser. Therefore The Phweblog is going to be down on occasion. Don't bitch, unless you want to give me space on an FTP server that I can link my domain to, or a nice Mac to serve my website from at home.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

My website evolution, The Phweblog

Alright so my first webpage was miko's world brought to you by dreamweaver and consisting of random thoughts and photographs. It wasn't clean looking, took too long to create new pages, and I basically abandoned it in August 2005. It has 10 great entries spanning over a few years of life.
Next came my Imagestation photo gallery (login/password: guestmike) which contains albums of photos from trips and travel I've done during the 2004-2005 school year. Its a pain in the butt, and doesn't let me add much commentary.
So I got the JapaniBook and decided it was a good time to start a blog with lots of photo links: I call it the photo/weblog or phweblog for short. (Yes! A new word!) I hope this JapaniBook is here to stay or else my phweblog is going down everytime I leave the house with the iBook.
jTom also expressed an interest in a creating a shoutcast server but that'll come later.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Please welcome the newest member to my family - the JapaniBook. I still have no idea whether I can keep it or not but for now its mine and if I do manage to get it for good, it will host this very blog and all the pretty photos contained within it.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Damn!! I hate blogs already. My preview link for my first newest posting took me off the post-creating page and when I went back the post was GONE.
After having Surpac crash over 50 times (literally) during my 12 hours straight (I got up once to use the bathroom) of working on the 60 page (no exaggeration here) MINE 295 report, I can't handle buggy crashy software any longer. Maybe I'll post again in a year when my frustration wears off. Gawd damnit.....