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Mike's photo adventure weblog: July 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Final Vancouver Adventures

I recently got back to the NWT for my last two week rotation. I left Vancouver and my summer in the city has ended too; I'm going to Peru the day after I'm done at Snap Lake, not to return to the northern hemisphere until the first day of school.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time this summer in Vancouver. It was full of scrambling and buildering and getting to know all my Varsity Outdoor Club friends much better. School has the unpleasant affect of driving people (me especially) into hiding, and I've never had the spare time to get to know a lot of my comrades as well as I could have.
These last two weeks I had 3 great photographic adventures since the Garibaldi Castle Towers. The first was Boris' last buildering night before embarking on a perilious journey to that other territory, the West-North-West Territory, also known as Yukon. The second photographic experience was my first midnight mass bicycling adventure. The third and most successful photographic adventure was scrambling Ossa Mountain near Squamish. You may also click the thumbnail above for the Ossa Mountain photo set. I hope you enjoy them as much as I risked my life to take them.

(When viewing my flickr photos, avoid the slideshow because you miss important comments and notes. Instead, use the "photostream" to click through the photos one by one).

I'll end this post with a tip: Be very careful when buying Sandisk SD cards. There are manufacturers making factory sealed cards that are identical to real Sandisk cards, packaging and all, but that are worthless and complete garbage. Call Sandisk and describe how the back of the SD card looks and they'll be able to tell you if it's a real card or not.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Books and VOC Adventures

The site was down for a prolonged period thanks to Rogers changing the IP address on me. During the last month I've been reading many editions of The Economist care of my roommate Buffett. I've also been reading a fascinating journal of Darwin's travels around the world in the HMS Beagle. This book was written in the 1830s and my copy was printed in 1912. I love the feeling of reading a book that feels like it belongs in a museum. The best part is that hidden between the pages near the end of the book I found a dried and pressed four-leaf clover!

While at the mine I experienced the summer solstice near the arctic circle, and made sure to take photos at midnight. They're posted in the flickr set for the Snap Lake Project.

Varsity Outdoor Club trips have been a source of great entertainment and photos over the last month. My flickr site has been consistently updated with photos, and here are links to the sets: We went to Wedgemount Lake north of Whistler, had a great buildering session, and last weekend scrambled up the 2600m peak Castle Towers in Garibaldi.