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Mike's photo adventure weblog: March 2006

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Buildering at UBC

Boris led a night-time VOC buildering trip on campus last week. Buildering aka 'croquet' is bouldering on buildings. Ask me why we call it croquet sometime. There are a number of routes on campus that are just fantastic! Boris took the most amazing photos so make sure to check them out.

For Boris's photos click here, (LOGIN/PASS: "guestmike")
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For further buildering photos or buildering information check out buildering.net. This site has a lot of photos involving UBC buildings and VOC members (in particular, Arlin).

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cerise Creek Backcountry Skiing

I went out for my first adventure on AT gear in the backcountry during the gorgeous weather of this past weekend. Jordan, Richard, Mike Simons and I headed up past Pemberton to the Cerise Creek trail to Keith's Hut. We tented outside the hut and on Saturday we shredded the powder in a valley south of the hut between Joffre and Vantage peaks. The skiing was unbelievable. I'm hooked on the backcountry.

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